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Climate ChangeS

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Climate ChangeS is a frequently updated web-site with the latest and most interesting working papers on the Economics of Climate Change. The literature on the Economics of Climate Change is growing at an unprecedented rate and it is becoming increasingly harder for researchers to keep the pace with new advancements of their discipline. Climate ChangeS is a web-site created to bridge this knowledge gap by providing researchers with a timely and accurate update of new research papers. On a weekly basis, links to the most recent and interesting working papers on the Economics of Climate Change are aggregated from a variety of sources for easy and convenient reference. The focus is on research at the frontier, with most contributions appearing just a few days after having been released. For this reason, journal articles are not tracked. Climate ChangeS has been designed for researchers in the field, mainly economists, but policy experts and specialized journalists alike will find it a useful tool to gain wide, timely and easy exposure to the developments of the discipline.
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