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EAERE European Practitioner Achievement Award in Applying Environmental Economics

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The Award recognises Practitioners in the policy or business arena who have made signal contributions in the application of economic ideas. 
Eligible candidates are those who:

  • work or do substantive business in Europe;
  • have demonstrated courage and skill in successfully achieving the implementation of environmental economics ideas.

The prize is awarded in even years only if one or more awardees deserving the prize have been nominated. 


Nominations for future editions of the award can be sent anytime, filling in the nomination form.
Nominations sent no later than November 30th, 2017 will be considered for the year 2018 Award.



Yvo de Boer Year 2018
Yvo de Boer
Christiana Figueres Year 2016
Christiana Figueres
Laurence Tubiana Year 2016
Laurence Tubiana
Year 2012
Jean-Philippe Barde
Year 2011
Klaus Toepfer
Year 2009
Bert Metz
Year 2008
Mats Segnestam
Year 2005
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