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EAERE European Lifetime Achievement Award in Environmental Economics

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The Award recognises those who have devoted themselves productively and persistently to communicating and enriching our endowment of knowledge in environmental economics. 
Eligible candidates are those who:

  • have already retired or are about to retire (It is accepted that for most nominees, the idea of 'retirement' is notional); 
  • have been significantly involved in the profession in Europe, e.g. by working here, or contributing regularly to the EAERE annual meetings and/or Summer School;
  • have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the field, including some combination of scholarship, institutional development and communication/dissemination. 

The prize is awarded in even years only if one or more awardees deserving the prize have been nominated. 

Nominations for future editions of the award can be sent anytime, filling in the nomination form.


Aart De Zeeuw Year 2018
Aart De Zeeuw
Mordechai Shechter Year 2018
Mordechai Shechter
Michel Moreaux Year 2016
Michel Moreaux
Year 2014
Partha Dasgupta
Year 2011
Michael Hoel
Year 2009
Agnar Sandmo
Year 2008 
W. Michael Hanemann
Year 2005
Karl-Goran Maler
Year 2005
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